Frequent Asked Questions
Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions

 Question: When is my order delivered and when should I receive it?

Answer: We use SF for your orders.  If you order before 2pm your order will be sent out the following morning excluding weekends and holidays (SF’s service is slow on the weekends and holidays). Orders placed after 2pm on Thursday will be shipped on Monday.  If you are in Guangdong province your order may arrive the same day it is sent out but it is not guaranteed.  Most other cities you will receive it the the 2nd day.  If you have any additional questions you can add our Customer Service Agent on Wechat, his QR code is below.


Question:  How should I store the bagels?

Answer:  The bagels are individually vacuum packed for your convenience and to extend the freshness of the bagels.  After receiving your bagel order you should immediately place them in the refrigerator or the freezer.  You can store them up to 3 days in the refrigerator.  You can also freeze them from day one and they will be good in the freezer for at least 3 months. The freezer is the best way to store them for a short to long periods of time.

Question: Are the bagels vegetarian, vegan, kosher?

Answer: Our bagels are vegan (except our chocolate chip bagel) and vegetarian but they are not kosher certified.  But they are kosher style.

Question: Can I track my order?

Answer: After your order is shipped out you can find your tracking number on our site.  You can track your order in by visiting or you can download their app by searching for “sf express”  an English interface is available.  Also, feel free to contact our customer service agent for assistance.

Question: How do I prepare a bagel?

Answer:  First toast and add cream cheese, butter, or enjoy like many other types of breads.

If you take the bagel out of the freezer you can let them slowly defrost in the refrigerator or on the shelf.  Cut in half and toast to a golden brown color or to your tasting.  NEVER MICROWAVE A BAGEL!  IT WILL COME OUT LIKE RUBBER.

See below

Defrost your bagel enough to cut it


Cut the bagel evenly down the middle


After the bagel is cut


A toaster like this one works the best


Place bagel in the toaster


Toast to golden brown or to your liking


Prepare - add cream cheese, butter, Peanut butter & Jam or make a sandwich




Question: How do I toast a bagel without a toaster?


 Defrost your bagel enough so you can cut it



Cut the bagel in two even halves


Your even cut bagel

Heat up your pan


You can add butter or oil to the pan if you want

(i would butter if I am making a sandwich)

Watch closely if you are not using butter or oil because it can burn very fast.


Toast to your desired darkness


Question: Can I toast a bagel in a full-size oven?

Answer: Yes, see the photos below

 Defrost your bagel enough so you can cut it


Cut the bagel in two even halves


You will need to prepare your oven by turning the broil function on high

After the oven hot you will want to place the cut bagel as close as possible to the top of the oven (keep a close eye on the bagel so it does not get burnt)

Toast to your desired darkness

Question:  I am allergic to…?

Answer: If you have any questions regarding ingredients feel free to add our customer service on Wechat, his Wechat QR code is below.

Wechat ID: hellowherro

Question: Do you sell wholesale?

Answer: Yes we do, please add our Customer Service Agent on wechat to learn more, his QR code is below.

Wechat ID: Hellowherro

 Question:  Is there a minimum order?

 Answer:  No, however, if you are just ordering bagels. we recommend you order at least 6.  6 bagels is 1kg and the shipping is the same price up to 1kg, so why not get as much product as possible for the same minimum shipping cost.

Question:  Do you deliver other items not listed in your Wechat store?

Answer:  You can add our customer service agent on wechat and he will try to fulfill your needs.